“Cassie always does an amazing job with my hair extensions. She is very caring and gentle when she installs them, and my hair always looks fantastic after she is done. I fly across the country to have Cassie do my
hair because she always does such a wonderful job, and I am always extremely happy with the results!” -Santa Fe, NM

“Over the last several years I’ve had multiple issues with my hair resulting in a significant loss of volume. After researching for options for over a year, I was distraught at the lack of qualified professionals in the beauty industry. At the brink of my despair, I fortunately came in contact with Cassie. This was the beginning of a lift in my spirits, my self-confidence and my overall satisfaction with my appearance. Disliking the way I looked took an emotional toll on me and the frustration of dealing with people that are not qualified in specialized hair repair left me feeling helpless. Cassie has enabled me to feel and look better than I have in years. Additionally, Cassie is genuinely a wonderful person. She is kind hearted and cares about the well-being of her clients. She takes time with every client to understand the individual need and the best possible options. I have now been Cassie’s client for over two years and she continues to impress me with her dedication, patience and knowledge.”

“When I met Cassie at age fifteen, I was at my wit’s end with my hair. My trichotillomania had rendered me helpless to cover up my bald spots and find a hairstyle fitting for a young teenage girl. I had tried everything in the book from therapy, to different haircuts, to hats even, but my case was hopeless, or so I thought. I will admit, I was still a skeptic when I first met Cassie. I thought she would only verify would I had already believed about hairstylists I had been to before; that they were all ignorant and hopelessly insensitive. I had heard all too often phrases like, “Do you know you have bald spots?” and “Wow, your hair is so damaged”. I had come to tremble at the thought of having to go to a new salon and attempt to explain my trich to yet another person, but Cassie changed everything for me.
From the moment we met she saw me for exactly who I was, a beautiful young girl who just wanted her confidence back, and that is exactly what she gave me. She made me feel completely comfortable in my own skin and never once made me feel like the condition of my hair was my fault. She stuck with me through every new kind of hairpiece and extensions, reminding me all the way of the progress I had made, and even if I had a setback, she supported me wholeheartedly. She made me feel beautiful with her knowledge of hair, and perhaps more importantly, her knowledge of my condition, which is more extensive than any other stylist to which I have ever been. The hair was always of terrific quality, but the experience may have even been better.
Cassie changed my life and is continuing to change my life today. I can’t imagine where I would be today without her. I am now a confident, young woman living in Pittsburgh for the majority of the year attending the University of Pittsburgh studying political science and economics. I work for the Teach for America organization giving underprivileged students the right to a quality level of education. Yet none of this would be possible if Cassie hadn’t given me the self-confidence to believe I could do
anything I wanted. Now, I am willing to step out in front of people without worrying about them staring at my hair or feeling I need to hide myself. I owe more to Cassie than she could possibly know and that may be what I like about her best. She sits with her clients for a few hours every couple months with a big smile on her face and a heart of gold, never really getting to see the results of her incredible work.So if you are wondering if working with Cassie is a good idea, like I did all those years ago, stop questioning and be confident that she will change your life because I can promise you she most certainly will.” -Sami

“I can truly say that having Cassie in my life has improved my confidence tremendously! Although I previously felt compelled to always have a hat on or a hood up, or risk dwelling upon some sort of possible negative evaluation, or I no longer experience that kind of self-consciousness or preoccupation. Instead, I find myself better able to enjoy every moment because how I perceive my appearance is no longer dominated by what I wish I had. Seriously, Cassie & Love and Hair Peace rock! “